Kevin Wilson Committee Member

NSW Push and Power Rugby League Volunteer Profile!

NAME: Kevin Wilson

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN VOLUNTEERING NSW PUSH AND POWER RUGBY LEAGUE FOR? I started volunteering around 1990 or so after finding out about it through Peter Baker, a workmate.

WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT IN YOUR TIME AT PUSH AND POWER? When I first joined Push And Power, outside of the official game rules, a lot of policies and procedures were un-written and decided on the day. Re-writing the rules to formalise these policies and procedures gave Push And Power a more stable set of guidelines and disciplinary procedures. Also re-writing the constitution to bring them in line with legal requirements.

WHAT IS YOUR BEST MEMORY FROM NSW PUSH AND POWER RUGBY LEAGUE? In my time with Push And Power, I have watched players who started as young children grow up and become successful adults in their chosen fields.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN AT NSW PUSH AND POWER RUGBY LEAGUE? An increase in the number of new players each year would be great but I’d really like to see players step up and take control of the organisation – truly make it their own sport.